Friday, September 14, 2012

Romney Spins His Wheels


Poor Mitt. Nobody understands him.  He's had 2 weeks to get some traction after the convention and hasn't gone anywhere.  He is running out of time.  He needs to advance his agenda, jobs and the economy.  He has not kept his focus on that agenda.  Rather, he's gotten pulled into a foriegn policy debate.  He hasn't a clue about foriegn policy, so why is he wasting his time talking about it? Now things may go bad for Obama over the Mid-East protests, but Mitt has already blown his chance to capitalize.

Romney expected this election to be a referendum on Obama's handling of the economy. The conventional wisdom 2 months ago was that Obama couldn't run on his iffy record.  That Romney wouldn't need to get into policy specifics.  Well all that changed with the Democratic Convention.  Because Romney hasn't explained his policies, Bill Clinton did it for him.  Clinton also demolished, in detail, Romney's entire platform.  And Obama came out with a ringing defense of his record.  So.  Time for plan B.  But Romney doesn't seem to have a plan B. And he doesn't seem to have any compelling policies he's willing to talk about.

The momentum is with Obama now.  Mitt's next big chance to change that is the debates.  But the debates put him in a difficult place.  He has to attack and land telling blows on Obama.  Obama just has to act Presidential and get a few jabs in.  Rope-a-dope.  At lest George Forman had a killer punch. And the debates don't start for 3 weeks.  What will Romney do between now and then?  Figure out a plan B I guess.  Good luck Mitt!

Note: in an earlier article, I said Mitt would need to pull off a difficult double pivot at his convention.  But he didn't pivot at all.  I assumed that was a tactical decision, but I'm now wondering if a pivot was beyond his ability in the 1st place.