Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pahlay Ball!

    Wrigley Field, Labor Day, 1988

I watched my first baseball game of the season last night.  Boston beat The Yankees in Florida.  I love baseball like no other sport.  I love the balance of the game, the pace, the lack of a clock, the intensity of the individual contests between batter and pitcher.  Most of all, I like that there's no set duration. You play until at least 51 batters are out.  If that doesn't decide it, they just keep playing until someone wins.  No overtime rules or special tweaks to make it more exciting. 

I also love Baseball for the stadiums.  Wrigley Field (above) was a terrific experience, but my favorite is Dodger Stadium.  Nodding off to sleep on a Saturday night while watching a west coast game is my ultimate comfort food.