Saturday, December 19, 2009

2010 Outlook

There are many things to fear in the coming year.  Here are a few:

In a fit of anger after the Copenhagen deal unravels, the Atlantic ocean rises 3 feet.
damn gubment
dogs wearing camo
mummar quadaffi confirms the rumours.  Yep, he's a zombie.
Harper finally gets his majority in Canada's last federal election.
Lots of bumping and grinding at the Yellowstone caldera.
Fake Steve Jobs turns out to be real Steve Jobs.  Real Tiger Woods turns out to be fake Tiger Woods.
North Korea unhappy.
2012 makes a pre-emptive strike
Donnybrooks on many street corners.
Talks aimed at blocking Lindsay Lohan's next movie fall apart.
There's something outside.  I can hear it.
Elvis sightings wane.
China gets tired of our trash talkin ways.
Global warming means no more Bourbon.
Coyotes win the Stanley Cup.
Another Tom Cruise comeback.
Switzerland is found to be giant ponzi scheme.
everyone gets in a snit about something (ok, not scary, but really irritating)
another re-org
The fanboys unite, stage rebellion
4chan IPO