Friday, March 27, 2009

The Republican "Budget"

I don't like to spend too much time on American politics as we have our own here.  But somethings just resonate beyond the American context.  Slightly stung by Obama's sweeping, ambitious budget, the Republicans have released their own alternative budget.  18 pages.  It includes the gem below:

Their explanation of the chart:
"Republicans will be on the side of quality versus mediocrity, affordability versus unsustainable debt, and freedom of care versus bureaucrats in control. And we will be on the side of patients, doctors, and the American people."

I didn't believe this could be real, so I checked.  It is.  Let's just remember that the chart summarizes a very complex a multi-trillion dollar nest of policy problems.  But it looks hilariously like the old Internet meme:

1.  Give product away for free
2.  ????
3.  Profit!!!

Its rare to see such stunning political incompetence from professional politicians.  Some teenagers doing a high-school project could have done better.  If anyone was wondering is the the decline of the GOP is a liberal media invention or really happening, here is your answer.

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