Monday, February 16, 2009

Post-Collapse Tips and Tricks

There's a transcript here of an amusing talk given by a Russian-American on how to survive after the inevitable collapse of the United States. He draws heavily on the Russian experience after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Here's a particularly helpful passage:

One final transportation idea: start breeding donkeys. Horses are finicky and expensive, but donkeys can be very cost-effective and make good pack animals. My grandfather had a donkey while he was living in Tashkent in Central Asia during World War II. There was nothing much for the donkey to eat, but, as a member of the Communist Party, my grandfather had a subscription to Pravda, the Communist Party newspaper, and so that’s what the donkey ate. Apparently, donkeys can digest any kind of cellulose, even when it’s loaded with communist propaganda. If I had a donkey, I would feed it the Wall Street Journal.