Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Pix: Updated

  Couple, Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, 1985.
    Kodachrome 64 - 300mm lens
Updated Dec 18, 2008 - higher resolution, better color balance, less sharpening = much nicer
When I was taking this shot, from the crowded boardwalk, someone walking by muttered "voyeur".  But I don't feel like this is voyeurism because we can't see their faces.  It would be a less interesting photo if you could.  I never did see their faces.

I'm very proud of this one and consider it one of my best photographs.  There's an abstract, sculptural quality to the way these two are inter-twined.  In particular, I love the woman's hands.  There's a languorous quality in the way they are linked that reminds me of Ingres and Michaelangelo.

This is also a photograph that benefits enormously from photoshop.  There is no major manipulation, but lots of distracting details in the sand and blanket are eliminated.

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