Monday, October 27, 2008

One Week of Crazy

      Obama pulls a crowd of 100,000 in Denver yesterday (REUTERS/Jason Reed)

With one week to go, the most fascinating election I've ever seen is throwing more curves.  Not in the sense of the outcome, that's pretty much nailed down, but in terms of the crazies emerging from the woodwork.  Hysteria is high on both sides.  Democratic crazies are already threatening street action if the election is lost, and one intrepid blogger is spreading the rumour that McCain is incontenent.  That's a new one.  The Republicans are even frothier.  They have siezed on an interview Obama gave NPR in 2001 to prove he's a closet socialist.  From what I hear, the tape proves two things: first, Obama is a Democrat and second, he's a freakishly disciplined politician.  In ten years, they've found only one thing that maybe might be damaging.  John McCain has said five things in the last week more damaging.  But its the tape seems to be the best thing the Republicans have and they are pushing it desperately.

The difference between the left wing crazies and the right wing crazies is their influence.  The McCain campaign is running on hysteria the last few days.  The Obama campaign is controlled by, Obama as ususal.  The McCain campaign is springing leaks and what has been newly termed precriminations.  The Obama campaign is calm.  No leaks, no speculation, just the daily talking points and nothing else.

No matter the outcome, the GOP is in disarray and a civil war looks likely.  It should be a delight to watch.  Palin is already positioning herself for 2012.  I remember when Alexander Haig ran for President.  There were packs of journalists waiting for him and his career ended in disgrace.  We can only hope such a fate is in store for the barracuda.